12 Dec, 2019

It is proposed to conduct our Club day and New Year celebrations on 04.01.2020 from 5 pm onwards with the following programmes. * Games for family and children., * Variety entertainments., * Orchestra by Calicut Melodies. * Dinner. Tournaments for members for indoor games will be held on 13, 14, 15, 21,22 December. It is decided to collect Rs. 200/- per member (with family) for the Annual day Programme. The following committee members have been nominated as conveners for the successful conduct of the programme. 1 Narayanan Moosad .P General Convenor. 2 Prasanna Kumar .A – Stage events 3 Chandrasekharan Nair K – Food 4 Adv. M.K.A Salim – Tournaments for Members 5 Rajan M – Reception. Active participation and cooperation of all members and staff is requested for the success of our Club Day. A.Valsalan. Secretary.


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