President's Message

I am very much happy that the Officer's Club Is launching a new website.

I know that this club is mainly for Government Officials serving or retired Group A & B officers belonging to the Central Government and State Government and also for officials belonging to the Public Sector undertakings like Banks, Insurance Companies and University etc.

I am also informed that a limited number of businessmen and Non-Government professionals are also admitted as non Executives or officers members.

The club has contributed towards many cultural, social, humanitarian and sports activities by conducting free medical camps, distributing beam Kits to BPL families. it also conducted various tournaments at the District and State level Last year the club donated a sum of Rs. 50,000/- to the collectors fund for the improvement of facilities in the Medical College. Best wishes to continue such activities in the future as well.

I congratulate the Managing Committee and Sub-Committee for bringing out his updated Website. l hope that his website will be very useful and serve as good reference to each and every member of the club.

As a President, I extend my best wishes to all the members and families.

Sri. Seeram Sambasiva Rao IAS

on.Collector Kozhikode

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